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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can Anyone HELP :-(

This is the most stressful day for me :((

1. Woke up early today to get back my passport from the agency,
2.Went to Magsaysay college to submit the medical certificate of my sister and her test papers.
3. Went to Union bank to withdraw some cash for my sister medicine.
4. Went to Open account desk and ask about my 4 digit code from paypal but gave me 9 digit code.
5. Went to pharmacy and bought the medicine.

I tried checking paypal to verify the link of my account but the code was not correct! oh yeah! they just need 4 digits but union bank gave me 9...grrrrrrrrrr

I register my account at online banking so that i can have access to my account but geeh....can't log says error..type my log in already giving the correct id but keep saying error.Suck!

Worst, I don't know who is the responsible for this redirecting issues that occurring in my page.
Is it the PPP system or my domain host. If its the service then they suck! I have already complained about this but still keep coming back and it wont allow me to submit my post to PPP. wake up! Check your service! It's making me furious because when I purshaced the domain, you automatically get the payment from my card. That FAST!!! but service suck! If I can turn back time, I have stayed in blogspot.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

what will i do with this redirecting issues :(( huhuhu



Ruz said...

kawawa ka naman sis but i love you.heheheheh!

djtammy said...

waahhhhhh :(( i hate you :((

Shimumsy said...

dito ka nalang apply ng teacher kc madami kailangan din. buti nalang di pala ako nag godaddy muntik na. hope they can fix that soon.