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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chatrooms for Tattoo Lovers

I love tattoo! You just don’t know how indulge I am to them. For me, tattoo is a form of art but for some, tattoo is dirty and dangerous.

I have a lot of friends who have tattoos and even my brother-in-law has one on his right leg. Recently, I have registered on this new site called tattoo chat city. Registration is free! It just 7 steps away from the tattoo chat room!



Email Address



Check on the box for the terms an condition and then,

Click on the: Enter the Chat!

And that’s it! You are in. You can have a full access to the tattoo chat room. Tattoo lovers will surely love this site. There are tons of tattoo lovers on the chat room. You can actually show off your tattoo with your live cam. Isn’t it fun?! You can meet different people from different country but the good thing is, all of us will surely meet half way. is the best place to hang out if you are a tattoo lover. You will find in this site the women tattoo chat lines and the tattoo video chat rooms. I will definitely invite my friends to join in this site. Who knows, maybe there are Hollywood stars who are already a member of this site!


1 comment:

Forgetful Princess said...

My friend Angie from Davao city told me that she joined the site... sabi nya may mga gwapo..hehehe