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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Promise NOT to Talk About It!

Today was my 2nd day in my dress making class. I had a little encounter with a "Manyak" on the road. I was not able to hold my temper because it was not the first time he stick out his tongue and said some foul words. I feel like crashing his balls. I was carrying my paper bag full of heavy things like, plastic ware with metal ruler, scissors, notebook charger, mouse and my other sewing materials. He was riding a bike so when I hit him with my paper bag, it landed on his back. This is not me :-( I feel horrible because I actually do it in the middle of the street. I shouted,"Do it again, I will have you arrested!" sigh!

I arrived late in school, I started sewing 9am instead of 8am. I ended up at 12 noon. Had lunch and start sewing again at 1pm and it lasted til 4pm. I was so tired, my legs are swollen. I feel so numb!

I went to bed but I can't sleep. I tried closing my eyes but a lot of things are crossing my mind. It bothers me a lot that I wanted to cry. What will you do if you can't stop thinking about the wife of your ex bf??!! It keeps haunting me! The incident near in our store and at KCC mall. The way I see it, she was actually jealous of me. I don't know why!Maybe she was afraid that I'm gonna flirt with her husband. I was holding to my temper because she is pregnant. I know how it feels but I can't take her out of my mind. I know in her mind she was already killing me.

This circumtances makes me want to go somewhere. I need a break! I must say, I BADLY NEED A BREAK! This is one problem that makes me upset. I hate planning things then It don't actually come my way. Isn't it disappointing? Last December, I was planning to go to Samal Island with my sisters. I plan the date, place, how to get there but on the day we are leaving;I was not able to come. The Thailand trip! It has been plan like almost or over a month but I was not able to leave. Sigh!

What am I going to do with my life?!



Hi! I'm Grace said...

Be good on your dressmaking class.
Be safe wherever you are. Avoid suspicious places. :)

LaTonya Yvette said...

Keep your head up! It gets better

djtammy said...

Hi Grace, thanks. It happens in a public place. He was an educated for sure. Real manyak!

djtammy said...

Hi yvette. I'm trying but i cnt get her out of my mind. Everytime i pass by their fruit stand-she was staring so mad at me.Afraid that she might throw fruits in my face.lolz..just hope not the durian.hehehe

anne said...

inhale and exhale sometimes we need that to relax anyway oi dauna na na inyong samal island trip hapit mo davao para eyebal ta hehehehe

Mommy Elvz said...

just ignore her sis, for sure the feeling is mutual, she's mad at you and you're mad at her, walang magandang pupuntahan yan kung papansinin mo :) give yourself a break, vacation is a nice idea :)



Better enter into a self-defense class too jejeje :)

Nice Blog! Please visit mine too...

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, Pirmi man ko sa davao oist.lolz.

Nadayon man ang Samal Island pero sila Ate Rosilie lang og akong mga sisters.Ako? nabilin sa balay...huhuhu

djtammy said...

Mommy Elvz, Iniiwasan ko na nga ei.Kasi bka pag di ako nakapag pigil, magawa ko sa kanya yung ginawa ko sa manyak...wag naman sana ksi buntis pa naman sya. Sigh! Ewan ko ba bakit galit na galit sya.

JUice ko po! Yung ex ko was 6 years ago na..di pa yata ako nag di pa sila magkakilala that time.

djtammy said...

Junald, Actually marunong man ako mag kick boxing :))

Bully din kaya ko nong nasa high school :)) Wag lang talaga sya maunang mang attack ksi di ko talaga sya uurongan :))

yay! bad :))Basta calm down lang ako!

13th witch said...

nah! ur having unnecessary worries...a lot of people have this thing goin on. i dont know she is is HER problem not yours ^.^ do what you do your life the best way you can ^.^