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Friday, February 13, 2009

Remembering The Past

Can you still remember where you at last February 14, 2008? Can you list down all the stuff/gifts you received from your friends or your lover?

I could still recall, that was THURSDAY. I went home in the morning because I was on my night shift schedule. I went home straight and sleep. I was really tired and really sleepy. I woke up in the afternoon and someone knocks on my door . A delivery guy from a gift shop online. When I checked, ROSES, BEAR and Chocolate from my bestfriend. But before that day, he already sent me a card and a bear from the same online shop ( I think! ).

From my bestfriend

In the evening, I was surprised another guy from a different online shop delivered a HUGE BEAR. Bigger than my body size, taller than a 6 year old boy :)) Imagine how big that was!!! It was delivered with a big box of a dozen red roses. Another guy came, delivery from a pizza chain..lolz. He must figured out that i'm starving.

from my sister took the rose n the bear..see how big?hehehe

I received, 3 stuff toys, roses, chocolates and pizza ---Gifts from two different people. Isn't it sweet? lolz! but that was the worst Valentines ever.hehehe. Glad that was from the past. I'm just glad and lucky that I still have my bestfriend. Who never leave me inspite of happen.

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers and visitors :-)


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