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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Four Sisters

Do you consider your sisters as your rivals? How does it feel when you are all girls in the family? In my case, I was BEFORE. When I was a kid. I was pretty aloof with them. To be honest, I was jealous of everything.

I have my own world when I was young. I earn my 1st income when I was 10. I go to public elementary school, I commute when I go to school and sometimes just walk. I never saw my father attended my graduation from elementary, high school and college. I was never a top student but I am not dumb. I was just lazy and schooling was not my first priority but to earn.

My two other sisters are my opposite.

They have white complexion,( I'm dark! )
They go to private school, (I go to public! )
My father drive them to school, ( we have our own Ford service before! )
They are top/honor students that is why my father was always around during their graduation,
They hardly go out of the house for errands, (it was always me! kapoya oist! )
When they need money for school project, it was so easy to ask! ( I worked for my own expenses!)

Rosilie, Me and Youngest Xeria

A lot of things that I envy before but when I finally reach my maturity stage. I realized, I am not supposed to be jealous. This is me! I have my own talent, strength and weaknesses is part of being human. Nobody is perfect!
I love my sisters! They are all I've got! I am happy of what they are now! Successful in their own field. My sister Rosilie, who graduated a magna cum laude is now a teacher in college, a businesswoman and a masters degree holder.My sister May Ann is now in Masbate. An Electrical Engr. and our youngest Xeria faye is in high school.

Engr. Mary Ann



ROSILIE said...

ang drama naman sis.i remembered nga the old days.hehehehhe! sorry for being a bitch then!

free_angie said...

Parang my something in common yata talaga tayo ah?
Why naman ganon si Daddy mo sayo?
Next time ko na gawin yong award mo ha?
Thank you pala masyado sa pag share non... ^_^

Budiawan Hutasoit said...

hi tammy,
so Rosilie is your sister..
i ever visited her blog..
what a small world..

djtammy said...

@rose, hehehe :-) lab u sis.

@angie, grab mo yun hah. Tnx sa visit.

@Budiawan, yep! we're sisters..hehehe