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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

College Days

Rose, me and Xeria. IT BOOTH

I have been away from school for over 7 years and now; my sister Rosilie who is teaching in college invited me to join her to sell the stocks from her boutique. The IT department has its own booth. Her student built it actually and I noticed the theme- BEACH!

Few days ago, Apple also invited me to my Alma Matter, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. Seems like February is not just Valentines Day but also College Days. If you forgot what College Days is, it is all about fun! Cheering contest, games and each department has its own booth. They can sell stuffs, love booths, marriage booth and not to forget the blind date. Lol! I just can’t forget it; the guy can actually date the girl he likes.

I will update this post after the college days, anyway, it's just 3 days.

I got to go now. She is waiting for me. I just sneak out to make this post. hehehe


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