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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breast Milk Is Still Best For Babies!

Having a baby is very expensive and a single mother like me, it cost me too much for the infant formula. I spend 7,264 (Philippine money) for the 6 cans in one month. But the expense doesn't end there! I still have to buy diapers, petroleum jelly for rashes, add more clothes as it grows, more silicone nipples for his bottles, medicines and check-up. Worst, I need to have contingency fund for emergency cases.

When I tried visiting Parent's Choice Infant Formula, I was so surprised when I try calculating how much will I be saving with Parent's Choice Infant Formula. See for yourself, this is no joke! Below is the savings I have made in one month.

Parent's Choice $avings Calculator

National Brand:

Parent's Choice Brand:

Brand Name:

Parent's Choice

Formula Type:

Price per can:



Age your baby starts formula feeding:

Age your baby will end formula feeding:

Percent of feedings that are from formula:

Your savings with Parent's Choice:

$54.98 per month

Total savings: $659.81

Savings per can: $12.64

For centuries, Breast Milk Is Still Best For Babies! It is suited for the baby's energy and nutrient needs from birth to six months of life. It has the correct proportions and amounts of calories and nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals for the baby as it grows. It also contains colostrum, the first liquid that flows out of the mother's breast after giving birth. Aside from nutrients, colostrum provides antibodies, which make babies resistant to infections. It is much more easily absorbed by the baby than formula milk made from cow's milk or milk substitute. The proteins in breast milk form soft curds, which are easy to digest.



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