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Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Unwanted Hair!

Unwanted hair is a common complaint for us women and men. Who doesn't have excess hair on their under arms or legs maybe?! My sister and I have the same problem but mine is my underarms and hers was her legs.

I love wearing short sleeve shirts, sleeveless and tank tops. But sometimes, I am hesitant to wear it if I have unwanted hairs on my underarm. Can you imagine yourself wearing your beautiful designer’s clothes but you can't even raise your hand because you forgot to flock those hairs?! What a shame right?!But oh boy, I hate flocking of hair because it hurts! It makes me cry every time I flock those unwanted hairs.

My sister on other hand was complaining of those unwanted hair on her legs. Geeh! Good thing I have smooth hair on my legs. No need to shave them! We are looking for a laser hair removal that is a non-surgical procedure.

We heard that there is a laser hair removal in chicago. They said that Lakeview dermatology is the leading dermatology clinic in the Chicago area that specializes in laser acne treatment, hair removal treatment, liposuction, Restylane treatment and other skin care treatments.

They also provide treatments to many skin conditions as well as cosmetic, medical and surgical treatments. Lakeview Dermatology is led by Dr. Eugene Mandrea and Dr. Steven Mandrea and located in Park Ridge - Chicago Illinois.



Anonymous said...

ay buti na lang sis at wala na ako nyan kase ipinatanggal ko na

djtammy said...

lolz....totally gone?