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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Personal Choice!

Actually, I really don't know where to start with this post. My personal and online friends knew that my family runs a furniture business. But even if we manufacture furniture we don't have the chance to change our home furniture as often as we want. But if given a chance to choose a sala set to replace our old Narra set, I would go for this furniture set for our living room.
This was designed by my mom. We can't count how many sets we have sold since this set came out to public. As you can see, it is not finished yet! How much more if it is ready for delivery. What I liked most about this set, it is very spacious, it is hard wood, I can choose what color to be sprayed and lastly, very affordable. Unlike other furniture’s that are detachable, they don't last long. You can try checking rustic furniture, they shows natural beauty of the wood.



Anonymous said...

hi tammy, ang ganda naman nyan furniture na , may bisnis pala kayo na furniture..? galing mag design ni mommy it...

djtammy said...

Hi Girl. tnx hah! I actually, i really dont know u but thank u so much for adding me and for the comments...yes, we manufacture furniture at may showroom din kami..


Lindz said...

good taste naman.. your fmaily also export them?

djtammy said...

Ate Lindz, before we do import and export kaso we stop and focus with local products.

Unstable kasi ang exchange rate kaya tinigil na namin ang pag export.