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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

User's Authorization Rights!

I am such a technology gadget addict! Although, I lost most of them, it won’t stop me from getting a new one. Right now, I have a Netbook and a 3G IPhone from Apple. My Apple IPod is resting somewhere! If you know what I mean, I bet you will be laughing!

Anyway, I know you are all familiar with Apple Macintosh computers. Previously, they released their new version of their Operating System which is the MAC OS X. It is pronounced as “Mac Oh-Es Ten" and if you happen to pronounce it "Mac OS X," computer nerds and dedicated Mac users will surely correct you. The name is quite confusing because I myself was confused but to be honest, Mac OS X is an advanced, user-friendly operating system.

All computers have User Account Management right!? The company is not enforcing any strict usage of the policies but you as users, will still have to make an account at Mac OS X. According to them, the choices you make regarding user account types are fundamental decisions that have far-reaching implications for the rest of your system deployment because a user’s capability to do things on Mac OS X is directly related to the account type!

They use a combination of technologies to manage user’s authorization rights. These systems allow a user to bypass certain file system permissions to perform certain administrative tasks. Isn't it great? Even though that Mac OS X has default settings provided and a very secure environment, still we can tweak these settings for our system deployment if we really need to!


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