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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kasalan Sa GenSan Wedding Fair and Exhibit!

I have seen Kasalang Filipino many times in Metro Manila and I was surprised I will be able to watch it again in my very own city,General Santos City. This event was on it's 7th leg already around the country. They have a wedding fair and exhibit going on at Gaisano Mall, actually, it started 2 days ago and today will be the last day.

The said event featured wedding themed, table and floral setting competition which we are lucky to take shoots. Yesterday, they featured Ever Belina's Bridal Make-up competition and today is the wedding fashion show.

Our city was so lucky to be chosen as to be the event venue because I heard it will happen again in two years time. Kudos to the organizers of this event.

Take a look of the pictures we took during the 3 days event!

The Venue

This is simple but elegant.
I forgot to get the name of the designer
but this wedding dress was worn by Ms. Manilay.

Muslim inspired wedding dress
Designed by Jun Ador

I save the best for last!
I really love this gown!
I don't know why am I into red colors now but this wedding dress is just so sexy to look at!
This was designed by Jun Ador



maxi said...

i can say that the muslim inspired dress is really cute, too prenship. hihi.

kaw? when naman ang wedding mo?

djtammy said...

Cute man sya friendship but di yata sya bagay sa church wedding..hehehe

Pa convert muna ako friendship para ma wear ko yan...

wedding?lolz...layo pa kau toh..i will invite you...