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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your Efficient and Accurate System Commodity!

Few years ago, my family was into import and export of furniture. We exchange products with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In this kind of business, competition is anywhere! It is one tough job for my mom traveling abroad with our products shipped outside the country.

Customs are the one assigned to conduct an independent investigation into critical trade issues like this. E-Commerce providers are required to provide the services with a single landed cost price and handle the logistics and custom clearance products. In this kind scenario, there must be someone who can solve the problems with the on time collection and filling of customs documents.

The harmonized codes are the key to efficient and accurate Harmonized System Commodity Classification for all these organization. The 3CE is dedicated in developing intelligent, easy to use software systems that reduce customs compliance errors and lower the cost of HS classification.
They also let you classify your imports and exports quickly, accurately, and easily. You can check out hts code lookup and hs tariff classifications it might help you organize a systematic business.

Personally speaking, I think they can really help us with our import and export business, it helps us in minimizing our custom duties, it reduces supply chain cost and it providing global opportunities.


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