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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Am Into Dance Movies!

It is Sunday once again and it's family day. We had a DVD marathon earlier. We started watching a Korean Movie that is all about dance sport. I just can't take my eyes away from their dazzling dancing outfits and costumes. Just before I started writing this post, we watch the movie Cutting Edge 3, Go for Gold! It's quite obvious now that we're into dancing movies.

I wonder where they bought their clothes, shoes and other Dance Supplies ! Believe me, being a dancer is not easy! They have to consider a lot of things but the most important part is, they need to look good in front of their audiences. Base on my personal experienced, every time I watched dance sport in school, I look at their costumes first! It is an added factor to their dance!

If you are a dancer, check out Capezio Dance. They are one of the world's largest suppliers of dance wear.



Bill said...

so were you ever a dancer? hmmm you in a leotard hmmmmm nice thoughts hahahahaha. See ya.

djtammy said...

lolz...crazy you !