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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I won I won I won!

I feel so lucky today because I won 1st prize at Gene's Contest! This is my first time to win a contest actually and I am so excited. To extend my deepest thanks to her sponsors. I copied and paste the prizes I won with the sponsors link..

Again, thank you! hehehe

1st Prize: 22,000 EC - Winner:
* $5 from My solitude and Serenity ----- Claimed
* $5 from Lifemarriageandkids ---- Claimed
* $5 from Diva Fabulosa -----Claimed
* 2 papaya beauty soap - ship anywhere Beauche Products
5000 EC from Wonderful Things In Life ---- Claimed
5000 EC from My Life's Adventure ---------- Claimed
5000 EC from The Joy Of Life Forever ---- Claimed
5000 EC from Life's Journey ----- Claimed
2000 EC from Momgen's Corner Blog ---- Claimed
125x125 2 months ad from Life Expressions ----- Claimed
125x125 2 months ad from A Momma's Journal ---- Claimed
125x125 1 month ad from Pinay in States ------ Claimed
125x125 1 month ad from Shopaholics Chronicles Chronicles -----Claimed
125x125 3 months ads from Garden of Moments ----- Claimed
125x125 1 month ad from Another Contest ------ Claimed
125x125 1 month ad from Sherry Contest ---------- Claimed
* text link 1 month ad from Symphony of Love ---- Claimed
* 125x125 1 month ad from Chica Chika ------ Claimed
* -Text link 1 month ad from Life of a Filipina Blog PR3 -----Claimed
* Text link 1 month ad from Momma Wannabe PR3 ----- Claimed



shydub said...

Hi Djtammy, im one of the sponsor sa cash, na 5 million waaaa $5 pala. just give me your paypal account so I can send it there.

Sherry said...

hehe.. you won! its true you did!

another contest and sherry contest mine so tell me which blog ad up want up yeah. :)

Rosa said...

wow sis congrats. :)

djtammy said...

Shy, naku if 5 million yan...buhay na buhay na kmi ng baby ko..lolz

thanks shy...

Sherry, i saw my badge..u are so fast dear.

sis rose, first time in the history of my blogging career! lolz!

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

congrats tammy, anyway, you already have the ad on your side bar, mind if I will just grab it?


lito said...


Bill said...

congrats girl. I am doing the happy dance for you. You deserve it wooo hooo. :)

djtammy said...

Pinay mama, thnak u po :-) sure ok lang :-)

Lito, thank you kuya :-)

Bill, what a LUCKY woman I am! lolz