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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Increase Your Revenue With Investor Leads!

I am such a talker that is why I choose to become a radio disc jockey than a school teacher. After a depressing break up, I decided to stop talking and started looking for a new path. I end up a call girl. I know what you are thinking but sorry it’s not what you think! What does a call girl mean? A person who calls and accepts calls overseas. In other words, call center agent!

I have handled UK account and I can't count how many UK clients we have. It is no surprise how these big companies get their leads. From different countries/regions, they were able target elite and high end individuals based off the highest net worth and highest income available. With this simple strategy for sure it will increase the company's revenue/income.

So, if you are an investor and you want more prospects to your business, you can use Investor Leads to boast your income. Below are the lists of available target market for you.

First is Arms Adjusting, Auto Title Data, Banker Investor, Bankruptcy, Business, Consumer, Credit Scored Mortgage, Interest Rate and Lender Name, Loan Modification, New Business Data, Notice of Default, Renter, Reverse Mortgage and Risk Scores.

You can contact them at ARIZONA OFFICE (928) 415-0660 and CALIFORNIA OFFICE (949) 340-3781.


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