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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interesting Summer Camps from Nickelodeon Widget!


I remember my friend Miguel went to New Jersey to attend the graduation of his little girl. He decided to take his daughter Shane with him in his place in New York City. Time flies so fast, I remember Shane was so excited because finally class was over and she was so excited with her summer vacation with her dad. But she got bored at home because Miguel forgot to make any summer plans for her. She wanted to go clubbing but too bad she can't get inside because she was below 21. Miguel was thinking of taking her to a summer camp for the next summer and I just said, yes, she needs that for her to change a bit and grow up.

I have heard that there is a Nickelodeon widget that helps parents like my friend to check out for some local Summer Camps. It will make his daughters summer vacation worthwhile. The local summer camps event can be check out by using the Nickelodeon widget. All he needs to do is just enter his zip code and he can already find interesting and fun activities for his daughter but not only that, his entire family can join too. They are also holding a contest that everybody can join. Want to try your luck? Check out the Nickelodeon widget now and win cool prizes.



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