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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BWE Disclosed Magazine is OUT!

Image from CEO David Funk

The first issue of BWE Disclosed Magazine is finally out in the market!
Get your own copy now!

"DJ Tammy Poster! Yes, a full page pullout of the Beyond Hot Calendar Blogger is available in the magazine! She's more than looking forward to performing in two matches at No Recovery! You better recover this magazine with the red-hot DJ Tammy poster while you can!"



David Funk said...

lolz Now I'm going to counter-sue for making me laugh with this one!

I wonder how many of our blogger friends will rush to a retailer to buy this one! With you in it, these magazines won't last long!

I just hope the Philippines will be able to see the magazine in stores! lolz

Thanks for playing along dear friend!

djtammy said...

Counter sue me? You still have a pending case last time! lolz, we're even now! :P

I should start my next photo shoot for the next issue :))

Welcome D :-)

Dorothy L said...

Hilarious....OK children...behave now :)

You definitely had me wandering what the heck :)

Not nice to fool Mother Nature:)

Bill said...

Where can i buy this magazine LOL. I will by 10 dozen hot off the press just tail me where LOL. I want to see the red hot DJ

Genejosh said...

Here's a CREATIVE MOM BLOGGER AWARD for you. Hope you like it. Have a nice day!

djtammy said...

Ms. Dorothy, hahaha! Are we acting like a kid ?

Tnx for the visit ms. D :-)

djtammy said...

Bill, its out in the market! Market of David :))

djtammy said...

Gen, thank u sa gonna grab it soon :-)

Dorothy L said...

Hey is a good is what keeps us young;)
A smile is always better than a frown:)

djtammy said...

hehehe. u r right Ms. Dorothy.

Tnx for coming back :-)