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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Contest Entries!

Today is June 16 and few more days, we will be closing our Blog Slogan Contest! I was really surprised because I received 7 more entries today. We already have 12 entries plus 7! wow! Judges will surely have a hard time choosing the best 4 entries!


Behind every Blogger is endeavor, we aim for something which we want to achieve and we let others know what we feel and share our ideas through our blog. Behind every endeavor is ability, whether we have the ability and skills of a good writer or not, as long as we got the knowledge and guts to share what we have to share then Success will follow. :))
Contest entry HERE!


I chose this slogan as I believe that blogging is a personal freedom. It is the only way to talk without interruption. You can say what you want and blog how you feel. No one and nothing could stop you unless you don't have anything to say. You write because you have something to say and you write so you will be heard. Blogging takes you to new horizons stretching before you without any hurdles in your journey till where it may leads you. Actually this freedom invites you to Grow. It is like a seed sown in you and you cherish it in order to grow. While you keep on blogging, you water the seed in you till it grows to be a strong tree which soars against the winds , standing proud and satisfied. In Blogging, we sometimes forget the rules, we forget about being read and being published. We just write what we want to celebrate our life. This is totally freedom. A freedom that no money could buy and a freedom that can bring you fortune after all.
Contest entry HERE!


Blogging is an act of giving, it means that through blogging we were able to give and share our personal experiences, our opinions, ideas and even our time and effort. Truly there is always a joy when we give, that is why we devote our time in our blogging career because we believe that we are indeed so happy of what we are really doing.

When you give something in return you will be blessed right? So blessings just flow when we give our time in giving comfort to those who are in need, giving a pieces of advice to those blogger friends who need it most. Having them in your life is already a blessing that you were able to touch their lives in such a way. Friends like them are already a blessings aside from the financial one that we were receiving and enjoying!

There is always a joy in giving. There is such blessing in giving, the giving of ourself to others. We think of what we can give rather that what we can get. This is the very essence of our way of giving and in doing so our life will be richly blessed!
Contest entry HERE!

I wrote this slogan as I believe in the saying that states: " Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" . It is the same with Blogging. I deem that every word that we type or scribble is a product of the voice from within you. Our psychological heart is composed of the following: our mind, emotion and will plus our conscience. Therefore every thought that flows out from within, every idea that dances while you hit the keyboard of your pc, and every single principle that you voice out in your post, all comes and spawns from the Heart. Your words are the breathings of your heart. Writing, blogging is the outlet for us to shout. Blogging is the channel for your breathings to be out, therefore : BLOGGING LETS OUT THE BREATHINGS OF YOUR HEART!
Contest entry HERE!

Contest entry HERE!

Once you're deeply engaged in blogging, every time is precious and you can't afford to waste a single minute faffing about. You use your spare time and even your siesta hours to blog because you have something to share and that time you spent with your readers are never wasted. This is how bloggers view their time.

Actually it's my hubby who gave me this idea because he noticed that no matter how hectic my schedules are, I still squezzed blogging into my already tight schedule. He's concerned about my health . He observed that instead of relaxing, taking a nap or sleeping early because he knew that I'm tired from school work , doing household chores and taking care of the baby , I still blog whenever I'm free! He finally said "You know dear, you spell time as B-L-O-G!...LOL! He's right and I'm making it right now. Though I still spell my time as B-L-O-G, I will not neglect my health . I will blog at the right time-blogging can wait...he..he...
Contest entry HERE!


I made this slogan as I believe in the thought that it presents. The mysteries of the human life is one of the deepest mystery man is yet to unveil. I believe that when we start to use words we keep our mind alive. Blogging is one way of reaffirming our existence. When we build sentences our of words we start to unravel the mysteries of our existence. We write our own history and we reveal it to the world. Things that somehow are blurry to us will become clear as a glass when someone starts to write about them. Writing about people, things and other substance in this universe helps us understand them. And more so, your style of blogging is the emanation of your own being. All writing is communication; creative writing is communication through revelation--it is the Self-escaping into the open." .. thus blogging teaches us our Mysteries!
Contest entry HERE!

The 12 entries HERE!



Mommy Phebie said...

Hope & pray that I will win!!! God Bless to all!

djtammy said...

Goodluck Yotch :-)hehehe

Laine said...

tam pede pa mag add og another entry? hehehe..naa naman sab gud ko na huna hunaan na entry. :))

djtammy said...

Laine, pwede :-)