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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zamboanga City Trip!

This is what you can actually witnessed when you reach the port of Zamboanga City. Badjao's are selling some sea crafts and when you throw a coin, they will actually swim it.

This was in Bolong Beach! It is kind of far from the city.
You need to have a service when you go there!
Although it was not a white beach, the place was so cool.
Sandy and all I can say, I got drunk! hahaha



Mommy Phebie said...

how I wish mka abot ko dhang dapita oi...taman ra jud tawn ko sa Dipolog gurl...hehehheh

Mommy Phebie said... a Lovely Blog Award waiting for yah there!!!!grab it!!!hehhehe

djtammy said...

Laag Laag pod oist! Nindot kau mag start laag sa Mindanao...I have been traveling when I was a kid. Katol jud kau ko og tiil Pheb.

djtammy said...

Thanks Pheb. Im gonna grab it soon :-)