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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your Safe Car Hire in Faro!

I started traveling when I was a kid. My first trip was when I was in Elementary. We took a plane from Zamboanga City to Manila. It was followed many times. I almost traveled most cities here in the Philippines. Mostly are tourist destinations. I have been to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia once and planning to travel more. It could be in Asia, US or it could be in Europe.

I heard that there a lot of great places to see in Faro Portugal. I made my research, I wanted to visit Faro's Marina, Statue of King Afonso III, Faro's Civil Government building, The old church and hospital, The City Hall, the Street in Faro and even the Square in central Faro. I know these are all historical places in Faro.

But backpacker like me needs a guide and service. After deciding the places I want to see, I need a car hire. Well, I have been doing this every time I travel. I book a car hire from the airport to bring me to the places that I want to go. Good thing there is a car hire faro from Faro Airport.

When I went to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, I remember I have used the service of Orbitz.


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