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Friday, June 12, 2009

Philippine System Suck!

Today is holiday because we are celebrating Independence Day! There are job fairs ongoing sponsored by POEA and other organization. But I just thought that Philippine system suck! Why? Imagine, some companies set a qualification for ages 21-25 and single only! Isn't it unfair and too judgmental?! What's with the singles and ages 21 to 25 that I cannot do? Wah! In the US, age doesn't matter as long as you can still do your job.

Sigh! This is too much discrimination! Good thing my family owns a business and I am not that desperate to practice my license. No wonder that there are a lot of Pinoy/Pinay going abroad to work. I pity those people who are over 25 years old, they will be having a hard time in looking Align Centerfor a job. My sister had this experienced also. She wants to try a job aside from teaching. She applied for a management trainee position but she was not qualified because of her age.
This system is so hilarious!



Bill said...

I agree you should not be penalized because you are older or younger as long as you can do the job. When i move to PI i will be running my own internet cafe and clothing store so i dont have to worry about any body bossing me around or telling me am to old or do this do that.

Lindz said...

hi, totoo discrimnation talaga yan, kainis noh

djtammy said...

Sigh! what a life! When u get here, hire me even if im old...lolz

Te lindz,kainis talaga! hay naku! ganito na talaga ang pinas! wlang pagbabago!

ROSILIE said...

Really our country is most discriminating. I searched earlier from all the job postings but they wanted younger than 30. Now, that I am 32, I could not at all qualify. tsk tsk tsk

djtammy said...

hahaha! hay naku te! wawa naman tau mga matatanda! bwahaha