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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Confused Mind!

I have been thinking of posting the pics from our father's day celebration
but I can't pick up all the pieces now.
It seems that my brain is not working and its all scattered.
Right now, I feel like eating sweets and I know if that thing happens,
I feel bad and depressed! I don't know why!
But maybe im just stressed and all worn out!

I remember when I was still working at the call center.
I met a guy that I was in the middle of rage between a friend and a boss.
I was so upset that I don't know what to do!
I have to choose between my friend and my work!
And i made a wrong decision-I choose my friend!

The guy that I met, we ate one pint of ice cream that night.
He got mango and i got my ube.
Next thing I know, my friend was there seducing him!
Wah, this is bad! Really bad! Why all of this things are coming back to me now!
Why am remembering the past!

whew! I need a break!



Bill said...

Hola BFF you know if you every need to talk to someone i am only a email away.

djtammy said...

I know :-) thanks my friend :-)