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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Having Fun with My Sister!

Oh Pls....leave my ass alone! lolz

Chocolate skin with a red dress! lolz!

Don't mind my ring!
It is not an engagement ring!



Sherry said...

so jealous.. :P

Bill said...

as per your first picture comment. why, its so very nice lol. Chocolate skin and red dress perfect combination. Now you are telling everybody about the ring hahahahahaha. Hugs

Phebie said...

ka sexy ba ninyo yotch!

i luv the red much? hatag nalang na sa ako beh...hehehhe

jodi said...

bonggang bongga ang mag sis na ito ah...ang gaganda, kakahiya tuloy magpakita ng pix ko dito

Laine said...

speechless ko as in... The two of you are definitely certified Hot Mommas :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i like yang mga dress nyo. pahiram.lolz!

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Pretty girls! =)

Everything Nice!

djtammy said...

Sherry, lolz! you should try doing it also... fitting clothes! hehehe! its fun!

Bill, oh yeah! leave my ass alone! :P
First time to wear red! hehehe!
Im telling everybody coz they might think im getting married! lolz

Pheb, lolz! you like the red? 450 sis! hahaha

Jodi, lolz. sobra ka naman sis! hindi naman artista mga yan! post ka pa rin..hehehe

Laine, hahaha. salamat! two hot mommas!

Meryl, cge punta ka dito sa mindanao te..hehehe

DEt, salamat te.hehehehe

eden said...

woww. sexy nyo Tam.. love all the dress you wear especially the top photo, bagay kaayo nimo ang dress.

Maxi said...

wow. ganda naman ng models!

ganda rin ng mga damit ah! magkano kaya? baka di ko maafford eh.


djtammy said...

Salamat te eden..hehehe

Mura lng...450..affordable..hehhee

ROSILIE said...

Kahiya man to sis nag ala unsolicited models tayo hahahhahah!

ROSILIE said...

Kahiya man to sis nag ala unsolicited models tayo hahahhahah!