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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Black Rose :-)

I wonder if this black rose is real!
Do we really have black rose?
I haven't seen one and I am so curious if they really exist.



eden said...

i haven't seen one either.. :)

thanks for the visit, Tam.

have a nice day

djtammy said...

Welcome te :-)

anne said...

parang meron girl I forgot lang where was that place na nag bloomed itong mga black na to or parang sa komiks ko lang yata nabsa yun hehehe

djtammy said...

Anne, ingon nila naa man pero asa kaha..murad real man ang stem pero wla pa jud ko kakita in person..

Free_Angie said...

Tinuod kaya na Miga????
Mmmmm...A lot of mystery in LIFE that our ordinary minds can't really answer...

Basta what I've learn din is....
Hehehe.... ^_^

djtammy said...

miga, nalibog ko sa imong gi-ingon...hehehe

'anniniput' said...

wow black rose! deberas gaha ste ms. tamz...hmmmm! if ever I would love to received one, hehe!

btw, about my bd..yes i don't celebrate it. Because of my faith, religious reasons tamz, am a JW... For 22 years of my existence, never ku ng celebrate ug bd.. no big deal! hehe.. anyway, pwde man man enjoy maskin nuay occasion dba..hehe!