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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cool Nap Mats Preschool for My Younger Sister!

My younger sisters' birthday will be celebrated next after my birthday this month and we are thinking of fun and exciting gifts for her. We have given her an IPod last year and since she is into mountain climbing and camping lately because of their school activities. We are planning to give her something that she can use when she goes out of town.

First in our mind is a towel wrap.I heard this kind of bath towel wraps are softer than terry cloth and won’t pull either. Perfect for her because they are always on the go most especially during Girl Scout formation. With bath towel wrap, she has nothing to worry if she runs because it won't pull down. I will just ask her favorite color and I can have it personalize with her name.

Second in our list is the laundry bag. This is not just an ordinary laundry bag but it is a draw string laundry bag with a shoulder strap. Perfect to match her bath towel wrap. She can put all her dirty clothes in this laundry bag after the camping.

Lastly, we are thinking of a nap mats preschool. This nap mats has a carrying strap. It also has a soft fleece blanket attached and with a removable foam pillow. This nap mats is easy to clean, just remove the pillow and we can put the rest to the washing machine.

So, what do you think of our planned gifts to our sister? Isn't it cool and exciting! She will surely love these surprises. Thanks to Oh Mint!


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