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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures To Look Back!

July is almost over but I haven't posted all the pictures I have during my birthday.
I have posted them somewhere else but not here! lolz
David Funk used one of my pic for the BWE July issue.
This picture was taken at JR Photo Lab.

I am really fond of taking pictures of myself, baby, family and friends.
It makes me feel good to look back to the past.
Reminiscing the memories, its either good or bad.
With this picture, all I can do now is laugh!
It is me, 30, broken hearted and cry baby!!



Sherry said...

wow.. sexy! its like on magazine cover :)

Prettymom said...

what a hot mommy... sexy mo talaga mommy tam

chubskulit said...

model na model ang dating sis hehehe

Anonymous said...

A truly striking photograph of a truly strikingly beautiful lady. Well done, you look wonderful! You had better be careful or Megan Fox will become jealous of you!!

Bill said...

Wow you is that super model you have here. I need to call FHM and Maxum and tell them i have found there next cover girl for August or September. You say you have the other pics some where i bet i know were they are LOL. You look as sexy as ever girl rock on with you bad self. See ya.

David Funk said...

Those pics are hot and sexy! You really are one hot momma!

I'm glad you allowed me to use one of those pics for my BWE magazine idea!

S-H-Y said...

Your so hot girl...