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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girl's Night Out: B-day Celebration of Star!

I went out last night with my fellow bloggers/friends.
It was the birthday celebration of Star actually.
We had dinner at Grab a Crab.
Below are our perky pics with Twinks, Star and Lainy. the coffee and Twinks is the milk...hehehe

Me, Twinks, Star and Lainy @ cassado billiard bar.

Ate Vilma eating her chicken wings...with Lainy..

@ grab a crab: Twinks and Star

Closer look...hehehe

Lainy and Me...

B-day Girl...

Happy b-day ate Vilma..

Dinner Time....hehehe

Wahhhhhhh...look at me, im so tanned...
Me as the coffee and the 3 ladies are the creamer...hehehe

Happy b-day ate vilma.
May you have more birthdays to come.
God bless you and your family..



Anonymous said...

hello, you are beautiful !

Anonymous said...

grabe ka naman sis, di naman masyado, konti lang wahahahaha..idiniin pa rin e ano?

sweet_shelo said...

wow so great and fun celeb with the stars..

You really had a great bday bash girl!!

chubskulit said...

grabe ang celebrasyon, buti ka pa laging nagnanight out hahahah

Lindz said...

happy birthday to your friend Vilma... you all do look very happy and just enjoying the time getting together, well done girls

Princess Sarah said...

wow, daming pagkain dito ah, ang sarap. Na miss ko tuloy ang mga pagkain sa atin. Ummmm...

Happy birthday ...(belated) na!

S-H-Y said...

WOW it seems na enjoy jud mo duh..anyway girl congrats sa imo magazine ha cover pa jud ang sexy lol.

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Hello te Tammy, good morning. Wow, kaenjoy kaau ninyo sa celebration, apil na ana ang celebration sa imong birthday te Tam, late nga lang hehehehe... nice photos. I got my awards diay yesterday afternoon ate Tam. I was not able to contact you though kay busy ko sa akong laundry ko ka bloghop. Thanks again ate Tam. mwahh

Maricris Zen Mama said...

You look great actually. You'll be the envy of most women here with that tan. You should be proud :)

David Funk said...

Wow, I love the hot photos and glad you got to do this for your birthday!

You made me laugh with the coffee and creamer comments! Hehehe.

Thanks for sharing my hot friend!