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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank You To Sir Michael Wee!

My sister and I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to the sponsors of the SEO contest of Sir Avel of Bariles Republic. We are both holding our free tickets for the concert of Side A Band tomorrow 8pm.

My sister won 2 VIP tickets and a gift certificate worth of php 1000 to dine at Grab a Crab Restaurant and Coffee Club 101.

To sir Michael Wee, thank you so much sir for making this concert possible and giving us the chance to meet Side A members tomorrow...hehehe

Rose and I

Nanay, Ziggy and me ( tired! )

Looks like I will be celebrating my 30'th birthday st Grab a Crab this coming Saturday...hehehe



Sherry said...

congrats :)

djtammy said...

Thanks Sherry :-)

ROSILIE said...

bilis mo sis ah! hahhahah! congrats sa atun nga 2 and sa tanan.

djtammy said...

hahaha...bilis pa sa alas kwatro..lolz..yes congrats sa tanan :-)

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

wow, kanice ana te Tam with matching gift certificate pa..regardz nalang ko sa vocalist hehehhe.... Enjoy the concert tommorw ate Tam//congrats!

djtammy said...

Thank u chie :-)

anne said...

wow congrats girl anyway i have a tag pala for you... just take ure time no need to hurry ok?

Free_Angie said...

Miga WOW! Congrats...^_^
Yehey ang galing mo talaga..
Laging WINNER ka...
Kaya you don't have place for problems anymore kasi you are so BLESSED...Diba?

Twerlyn said...

hi Tam wala ko kabalo kinsa nadaog ba, abi ko ikaw first place,hehe!Congrats!

Pagka nindot sa manog abot mo nga birthday oi.. HAppy birthday for tomorrow! Oi ingna ko cno nga winner ko ipadala ang 5K na EC ug $5 ha.

Bill said...

Hey lady congrats. Go have a great time and enjoy yourself you deserve it. When you get a chance check out my music monday that i did ok.