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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gone Crazy!

I was not able to sleep well last night so, I woke up this morning with a terrible headache. Ziggy was having a tantrums and cried all night!
So, just this head gone crazy that I cut my hair short!!!!

I had my nails done and color it RED!!!
I am thinking of cutting my hair into boy cut! lolz



Grampy said...

All that because of a headache. It must have been really bad.
Try to have a good weekend.

djtammy said...

Lolz...oh well i think something is bothering me..lolz

anne said...

Hi tam may pic ka na sa bago mong hair, hehehe sayang naman haba na ng hair mo di ba, pero im sure kahit na mahaba o short pa yan beauty ka pa din.,

Phebie said...

sure ka yotch?y man tawn imo gputlan oi....cge lang veauty man ghapon 4 daun pix dha...

Bill said...

Hmmm boy cut red nails is it fire red? Hope you headache is better. Take care girl.

Genejosh said...

Hi sis..hope ur fine...short hair? it! Hope no more headache..thanks for sharing a bit about that I can pray strategically for you....

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Rosa said...

loka natawa naman ako sa post mo. totoo ba yan? haha. share your hair naman. :)