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Friday, July 10, 2009

My Father Talks About Wheels and Rims!

My routine has change for the past few days. Instead of leaving the house at 8 in the morning, I usually stay at home until 11 in the morning. I usually caught my father talking about our van and about car wheels. Is it in the male genes to talk about wheels and rims? I don't usually respond to him because I don't know anything about car wheels and rims. But all I know they play an important role in our cars.

If one day, I can have my own car, I prefer to have a custom wheels. But first, I have to start taking a driving lesson. Anyway, if you need a truck rims for your truck, I highly suggest you visit this helpful site I have found. They offer a wide selection of custom wheel, chrome wheels, chrome rims, truck wheels, car rims, custom rims, and truck rims!



Dorothy L said...

I myself never had much to offer in the topic of cars, wheels and rims until I worked for a huge car dealership and I was always looking at their rims...they had them on display and they had some nice rims.

djtammy said...

I would love to have my rims with glitters..lolz...