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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Purchased Diesel Parts Online!

Few days ago, my sister and I had an appointment with the leasing department of Robinson's Mall. It was a huge meeting for us since it will be regarding the space that we are planning to get. The weather was so hot and so I asked my brother-in-law to put on the Air condition on but it's not working.

We usually go out using our family van but the A/C didn't fail. We really had a terrible day that time. We went to the venue with no A/C on, my make-up was melting and it was driving me crazy! So, after the meeting, I asked my sister to have cold drinks.

After they checked the van, they said we need to change the a/c compressor. We are so lucky to be able to purchased diesel parts online. The parents of my brother-in-law will ship the diesel parts to us. By the way, they offer the lowest price on a/c compressor, condenser, drier, air conditioning compressor and more. The auto air conditioning compressor is an important part of the car and we have you covered.



Princess Sarah said...

wow, I like this, it's cool ordering online. Thanks for the visit Tammy. Have a blessed day.

Bill said...

yeah the AC is the most important part of a car in the summer time. Especially if you live here in Arizona were the temp get over 115 degrease Fahrenheit which would be over 46 Celsius for you.