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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Peronal Safety is Very Important!

For the past 15 years of my life, I have been circled with different violent crimes! I cannot count how many times I have encountered a snatcher. The worst one was when I was 6 months pregnant. The snatcher grabs my phone and dragged me out of the tricycle. I was admitted in the hospital and I almost lost my baby. Good thing, I have a very good eye sight that I was able to memorize the plate number. The next day, he was busted!

Few years ago, my old home town was bombard with bombs. Once, twice or more than that! The one I cannot forget was when I was with cousin and nephew. We went to the mall and I bought an ice cream. Right after I crossed the street, I heard a blast! People running back and forth bleeding!

I am not scaring you but I am just letting you know that the world we live in can be extremely dangerous. Did you ever wonder why? We believe that our cities are unsafe and that is because it’s true. But it doesn't matter now; the most important now is we can protect ourselves from sexual assault, murderer and other violent crimes. We need to bare in our mind that our personal safety is very important. Thus, we need to take time to educate ourselves on issues like Personal Safety & Self Defense.It is better be safe than regret right?!



Symphony of Love said...

The bad experiences I had when I was in the Philippines were having my Hand phones stolen. In one of the case it was my fault as I just left it charging on the booth; we were running a roadshow then. In the other case, I left it charging in my office seminar room. The strange thing was, all the staffs were in the office that day and yet it was still stolen. Guess I never learned from the first experience of not letting the phone charged unattended and away from sight.

I have set up your link already. You can find it at the sidebar under 'LINKS'. It'll be up until 2nd August next month.

djtammy said...

wow! geeh dami tlga magnanakaw sa pinas! hehehe

Thanks sa link :-)

GraceMags said...

My bros in Cebu have also had a lot of exposure to crime. Their stories get scarier everyday. I live in a city where crime isn't so rampant but I worry so much for my family

djtammy said...

whew! sa cebu pa tlga...big city din yan...katakot..