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Friday, July 24, 2009

If You Were On My Shoe!

Someone commented that I might have long toes. Yes, I have long toes. Actually, it is size 9 for local brands but if it's American brand, the sizing of my toes is between 8 to 8 1/2. I have a big foot right?! Most people will consider me as a dominant person due to the long size of my toes. And without father ado, I really love shoes. I cannot count how many shoes I have from the past to present, I have given away most of them. So, you see I am somewhat alike with Imelda Marcos who loves collecting shoes.

When I was in college, I started looking at more variety of shoes. So, I went searching and found these lovelies shoe shopping guide online. I was convinced that this fabulous shoe place would surely match my finer taste when it comes to shoes. Right now, I have a couple of Wedding Shoes, one Sneaker which is a Chuck Taylor All-star and one local brand of Running Shoes. I have indulged myself in running lately so, I really need a good pair of running shoes.

Almost every weekend, my family went to the plaza for biking and jogging. We have two mountain bike and one BMX bike. So, aside from running, I joined my sisters in their biking session every Sunday morning. I have come to love the idea of biking in the plaza, with my biking gears, matching a perfect outfit and I feel amazingly sexy in my Bike Shoes. Now, I am thinking of Golf Shoes! I am such a shoe addict!


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